Saturday, 9 June 2012

Mamasita, CBD

Mmmmmm corn!
Mamasita introduced me to 'real' Mexican. None of that cheese-loaded slop you find elsewhere (i'm looking at you Taco Bill!) Mamasita also got me interested in making real mexican at home and persuaded me that i really did need to buy another cookbook (Viva Vegan.) 

Mamasita was a place that my brother loved and the place that we went just before he headed off overseas for 18 months. So upon his return this week, a visit to Mamasita for lunch was definitely on the agenda!

This was just to be a quick lunch so i didn't choose much off the menu. Coupled with the fact i'd just had a bubble tea i wasn't all that hungry! Rookie mistake...

On to the order. As you may have guessed we HAD to order the corn. You would be crazy not to order it. It is delicious and i would just go for the corn alone. I need to re-create it at home again.

Mamasita's lunch menu consists of 1 veg tostada, 1 vegan taco, 1 veg quesadilla, 1 vegan large plate plus a random assortment of veg*n salads and sides. All food is GF except for one dish which was listed as non-GF (pulled pork in a bread roll.) 

I chose to get the taco which contained melting eggplant, zucchini, quinoa and guacamole. I couldn't really taste the 'crispy quinoa' although you can see it in the picture. It was nice, but the predominant flavour was the eggplant and guacamole.

Taco de berenjena (eggplant, zucchini, crispy quinoa and guacamole)
Instead of choosing the quesadilla (huitaloche -basically what the filled a taco with on Masterchef), i went for a side of frijoles as i wanted to taste their beans. They were good and had a nice amount of flavour and spice to them. For $4.80 i thought it was a good price for a decent amount of beans.

Frijoles - black beans with queso fresco
Overall our meal was good. It ended up costing $31 for 2 corn, 3 tacos and beans which is pretty decent. We didn't get any drinks though. My brother and I both felt the standard had dropped since our last visit. Maybe, like Gingerboy, it is because we have both been exposed to more 'real' mexican and cook it at home now so it doesn't have the novelty factor. I'll definitely eat there again, it's just not at the top of the list as there are so many other places to try. Speaking of which, has anyone tried out Senoritas?

Sarah xx