Sunday, 24 June 2012

Ganache Chocolate, CBD

A couple of weeks ago my friends and I were complaining that after dinner we never have room for dessert. Fast forward a few weeks and along comes a brilliant plan - dessert BEFORE dinner! Ahh the wonders of being an adult...

Anyway as we were in the city we went to Ganache for no particular reason other than it was 5.30pm on a Saturday and not many other dessert places are open. We ended up getting takeaway so decided on getting virtually one of each and here is what we chose...

Lemon Tart
The lemon tart was the perfect consistency, not too runny and had a great tang which was just as well given all the rich, chocolate desserts we had chosen!

Raspberry and Chocolate Mousse
 This dessert is apparently dairy free and was so aerated that it had the texture of whipped cream from a can. The sourness of the raspberry contrasted brilliantly with the rich mousse. I mean how can you not go past a chocolate-raspberry combination?
Pear Caramel
 The crumbly biscuit base combined with the pears was my favourite part of this dessert. The caramel mousse on top was a slightly burnt which added to the flavour however it was too much like whipped cream for my liking.
Triple Mousse
I don't think this needs much explanation...
Valrhona Chocolate Tart
For a non-chocolate dessert lover this was great! Thick, rich, dark chocolate ganache in a beautifully buttery, short, pastry. It was a winner all round.
Passionfruit & Mango
 My favourite of the evening as I am a sucker for fruit based desserts and I love mango and passionfruit. This dessert had a coconut layer, passionfruit & mango mousse and jelly. It was super fruity and not too creamy which was perfect for me.

This was the best idea ever!! We need to do dessert first more often. We divided each dessert into portions then passed them around the table pass-the-parcel style so we could all sample them all. All of the desserts were delicious and I think a true testament to this is when I asked my friends for a vote on the best one... here is the outcome:

Lemon Tart  - 2 votes
Raspberry and Chocolate Mousse - 0 votes
Passionfruit & Mango - 1 vote
Triple Mousse - 0 votes
Pear Caramel - 2 votes
Valrhona Chocolate Tart - 1 vote

However, most people's second and third choice were the mousse cakes. So the moral of the story is, if you want to go somewhere to please everyone, go to Ganache and order one of everything!

Sarah xx