Thursday, 17 November 2011

Thermie Fail

Well i had my first failure - yoghurt. To be honest i wasn't all that hopeful that it'd work as i had read many posts on the Thermomix forum regarding yoghurt disasters. I used low fat milk and Jalna 'Leben' yoghurt as my starter plus some skim milk powder. After following the recipe in the EDC cookbook the result this morning was runny, off milk. Delicious! A few things could have caused the failure 1. The thermos is a bit dodgy and 2. the yoghurt i used was low fat and was on its expiry date. I'm not going to give up on yoghurt just yet... might see if i can get an insulated bowl/Thermoserver and some decent yoghurt starter.

In other news i went to Sunnybrook healthfood shop and bought some  'Natural Desserts' vegan strawberry jelly. It is amazing! Tastes like the real stuff - not the weird bouncy agar version.

Not sure if the Thermomix is going to get a run this arvo - still got leftover risotto for tonight YUM!

Sarah xx