Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Finally got my hands on it!

Greetings! Guess what got delivered yesterday? I'm so excited. I think i'm in love just a little. So far i do not regret parting with $1939 one bit! I just wish i had some more mouths to feed so i could cook more. So far i have made mango sorbet and watermelon & lime sorbet
It took all of 3 minutes to make sorbet. I used the recipe from the EDC. The only thing extra i did was after it had been in the freezer for about 4 hours i re-churned it just to make it super luscious. 

The next thing i made was the vegie stock concentrate. I didn't exactly follow the recipe identically - i used the random vegies i had in my fridge which included swede and fennel in addition to the vegies mentioned in the recipe. I didn't take a photo considering the outcome although great, looks a lot like baby poo. I can't believe how much the recipe makes and it's so cheap. Those stock companies must be making an absolute fortune...

Then because i had this fantastic stock i thought i'd test it out by making risotto. It was delicious! I followed the mushroom risotto recipe in the EDC however i didn't use mushrooms, instead i used asparagus, peas and homegrown snowpeas. I also halved the recipe as it was just me at home for dinner. Surprisingly it still took 16mins to cook. There are leftovers for tomorrow - gotta love gourmet lunches!
Like the broccoli flowers on top? I thought they were cute!

Finally i made some capsicum and sundried tomato dip. Again from the EDC. I promise once i get the hang of the thermomix i'll start posting my own recipes up on here.  The dip is fabulous and i highly recommend it. I can't believe all it took was 4 pulses to turn all the ingredients into one fabulous dip. 

Well that's the end of my first day of cooking using the thermomix. Hopefully tomorrow i'll be able to have a bit more of a play.

Sarah xx