Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Ricotta Gnocchi with Romesco Sauce

A few weeks ago i raved about this romesco sauce from Taste.  So instead of making it with the spanish chickpea balls as per the recipe, i thought it would go nicely with ricotta gnocchi.  Inspired by the ricotta gnocchi my aunt made a few months ago, i set out to master ricotta gnocchi for the first time. To be honest the gnocchi were much easier to make than expected. I've made potato gnocchi many times and i found the ricotta variety to be much simpler. 

Quenelled gnocchi
The recipe i used for the gnocchi is from Taste also. It has a delicious mix of ricotta, feta and parmesan. Mmmmm cheesy goodness! Together with some basil mixed in, they are delicious! I made the gnocchi in the TMX, however it's not necessary. Any food processor or a very strong arm would work well!

I used basil in the romesco sauce rather than the parsley/coriander just so it matched the gnocchi. Otherwise i stuck to both the recipes (amazing!)

Can't wait for leftovers today. This was one delicious meal!

Sarah xx