Monday, 21 May 2012

Fitzrovia, St Kilda (again!)

A couple of weeks ago a blogged about a brunch I had at Fitzrovia. Their menu, philosophy and decor appealed so much to me that i had to go back for a second visit, this time for dinner. The inside of the restaurant is so homely - it's like having dinner at a friend's place rather than a restaurant. Also, who doesn't like being able to look straight into the kitchen? The wait staff were very friendly and prompt at taking our orders.

 The menu is a good size - not so many options that you've forgotten what you originally fancied at the beginning yet big enough to have something that will appeal to everyone. On the night we visited there were no vegetarian appetisers, 3 vego entrees and 2 vego mains in addition to the side orders. The desserts list also looked amazing! Yet sadly, all plans to eat dessert were thrown out after being so full after our delicious main courses. Next time ;)

To start we were given a complementary dish of tomato and caramelised onion on puff pastry. A nice touch!

Then onto the mains. Although the entrees looked appealing the (failed) plan was to have main course and dessert. For main course i opted for the cumin roast zucchini, butternut squash, fennel & Mossvale briq with ancient grain tabbouleh, spiced pumpkin seeds and chipotle labne. It sounded intriguing and lets face it, anything involving butternut squash, chipotle and cumin is going to be a winner with me! 

It was so pretty! 

And oh so tasty! 

So tasty in fact that i polished off the entire thing.

At $26 it was a fairly expensive vegetarian main course (and only a dollar or two cheaper than the pork belly. But honestly it is worth it - for the produce and care taken to make it. Anyway, on Friday I paid $17 for a dodgy vegie burger on Chapel St and i'd much rather fork out the extra $9 for this!

My lovely friend chose the slow roast Otway Pork free range pork belly. Which again was a large serve and she couldn't finish it. Unfortunately my photo of it was pretty poor so if you want to see it go to Fitzrovia's website and you'll find a much nicer photo!

Fitzrovia also stock Calmer Sutra Chai which we were going to have afterwards. Unfortunately we failed to get the wait staff's attention so ended up just paying and leaving instead. Despite that i can't wait to come back and sample more of their menu - bring on lunch, dessert and more brunch!!!

Sarah xx