Thursday, 10 May 2012

Fitzrovia, St Kilda

Making the most of Melbourne's last few sunny days, we decided to head down to St Kilda for a walk and brunch. Initially the plan was Galleon, but alas all the outside seats were taken so we walked over to Fitzroy St in search of food. Thankfully we stumbled upon Fitzrovia.

Fitzrovia prides itself on using good quality, locally sourced produce (think St Ali coffee, Tatura butter, Sth Gippsland eggs, herbs from a community garden in Caulfield.) Both its menu, and the food presented on the counter inside looked stunning. These folk are clearly passionate about food!

As we sat down a lovely waitress promptly asked for our drink order. My latte was one of the best i've had. So smooth and with perfect milk. I don't usually take photos of drinks but this one just had to be documented! Apologies for the sip already taken!

St Ali coffee

There were so many appetising brunch options. Although the creme brulee french toast sounded amazing, i went for the healthier option and opted for 5 grain porridge with poached rhubarb, mandarin and vanilla bean yoghurt. It was lovely creamy porridge and the rhubarb was delicious. I just wish there were more than 3 small stalks. The mandarin was a fairly odd addition, perhaps poached apple/pear would have been better. The yoghurt was delicious - I wish i had asked where it came from. Next time i want to order the bircher just so i can get more of that yummy yoghurt!

5 seed porridge with poached rhubarb, mandarin and vanilla bean yoghurt

Another dish that looked delicious which i was contemplating ordering was the pumpkin and haloumi fritters with fried eggs, green tomato relish and salad. Luckily Mum ordered this with poached, rather than fried eggs. Going for the poached option was a good call as the dish would be fairly oily otherwise.The fritters were so tasty - there was some sort of curry flavour going on there and the salad underneath delicious! It wasn't just a few rocket leaves as the photo makes it out to be. This was a massive dish and impossible to finish. I wish i could recreate it at home.

Pumpkin and haloumi fritters with poached eggs, green tomato relish and salad

All in all it was a beautiful brunch. At $37 all up for 2 meals and 2 drinks it was fairly reasonable, especially given the produce used and the location opposite Albert Park. 

I definitely want to return to sample more of their menu.

Sarah xx note the current menu is slightly different to that on their website. Fitzrovia also mention on their menu being able to adapt most menu items to suit allergies (they have GF bread.)