Saturday, 2 February 2013

Explosive Raspberry Marshmallows

Another week, another recipe from Sweet Studio! Inspiration thanks to Mr Darren Purchese.

This time marshmallows thanks to a delivery of freeze dried raspberries during the week from Just Tomatoes! The package of freeze dried fruit I received was fabulous and managed to get through quarantine without any issues (It was opened and checked). No, I wasn't paid to promote the company, I had just had a lot of trouble finding freeze dried fruit at a decent price so thought it was worth mentioning!

These aren't your ordinary marshmallows - they comprise of a chocolate pop rock disk, raspberry marshmallow with raspberry gel centre, dusted in raspberry dextrose!

This was my first attempt at tempering chocolate and surprisingly - it worked!

The rest of the assembly went pretty well, except for the fact that my semi-sphere moulds are 1 cm larger than the recipe states so some of my marshmallows don't cover the centre. Next time i'll make sure i don't fill the moulds as much and make the bases larger.

Either way it's a pretty exciting sweet treat and I'm sure there are endless flavour combinations that could be used here.

Sarah xx