Friday, 10 August 2012

Tom Turtle, CBD

Ever stood in front of the ice cream display struggling to decide what flavours to choose? I am such an indecisive person, especially when it comes down to the more important things in life such as choosing ice cream flavours. Luckily there is a place for all you indecisive people out there. It's called Tom Turtle and they serve their ice cream in little cubes, which allows you to try several of their quirky and interesting flavours. It's not cheap, but it's good for the novelty factor.

Thankfully Tom Turtle is open late, so it is a fantastic place to head to with friends following dinner. We decided to get two platters to share - one an asian inspired platter with a red bean wafer and the other had a bit of everything, including two delicious chocolate and nutella crepes.

So in total I was able to sample the following flavours:
Red bean
Black sesame
Melon Midori
Pear & Burnt Caramel
Cookies & Cream
... and I think I have forgotten one.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to sample the wasabi flavour- definitely next time! Overall it was a great place to head with friends. The variety of flavours was fantastic and I particularly liked the red bean and black sesame ice creams. Also the crepes were delicious and this is coming from someone who is not a huge crepe fan.

The presentation was beautiful however it is probably overpriced for what it is but it was good nonetheless.

Unfortunately Tom Turtle does not have a website, only a Facebook page.

Sarah xx

Tom Turtle
169 Bourke St

So many flavours!