Saturday, 25 August 2012

Giggle and Hoot

I'm sorry that it's been a long time between posts, I do have an excuse. I have been a guinea pig in a dietary study so have had to follow a strict, boring diet for the past 3 weeks. Thankfully I only have one week to go so i'll be back cooking and eating and blogging as usual! You don't want to see what I've been eating recently... ;)

So instead of baking things for me, I baked a birthday cake!

I haven't edited this photo at all, sure I could have photoshopped
all the blemishes out but then I'd be lying about my skill!

So it turned out pretty cool - and i'm sure you can guess from the picture what it is. It's Hoot the owl from Giggle and Hoot, a kids show on the ABC.  Inside are two vanilla butter cakes and two chocolate cakes.

Although it has its flaws i'm pretty happy with it overall. I'm a bit annoyed that when I put the top bit on I squished the fondant so it isn't as smooth as I originally had it :(

Oh well! I hope the birthday boy loves it!

Sarah xx