Friday, 30 March 2012

Amazing Cinnabons

What on earth is a Cinnabon? Well it is an American chain specialising in cinnamon scrolls. One of my friends asked me probably years ago to have a go at making them and not knowing what they were i did some googling. I guess what separates these buns from normal cinnamon scrolls is the cream cheese frosting. These scrolls are absolutely delicious and taste amazing hot out of the oven with the frosting drizzled over. I highly recommend the recipe and assume they would freeze really well.

I won't retype the recipe because it is very long but don't be scared - it really is very simple. There are also step-by-step pictures on the website mentioned above.

So for all you hot cross bun hating people out there - why not try these instead for easter? They'll make your house smell delicious!!!

Sarah xx