Sunday, 18 December 2011

Turkish Torte

Today was one side of my family's Christmas party and i was in charge of supplying a dessert. As soon as i saw the picture for the Turkish Torte in the Dec/Jan edition of Delicious Magazine i knew i had to make it. I love the colours of the pistachio, pomegranate, mint and rose petals sprinkled over the oozing chocolate glaze. It was a very easy recipe to make - whip egg whites, add sugar and fold in almond meal, dates, orange zest, chocolate halva and choc bits. Cook, drown in brandy and cover in choc glaze. Simple, really!

Sarah xx

P.S. i'm not sure if i'm allowed to post up the recipe due to copyright issues. As it is one by Valli Little i assume it will come on in the near future. As soon as it does i'll paste the link!
EDIT: Here is the link